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Many visitors to South East Asia miss Laos out in favor of the more popular destinations of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

It may be true that traveling to Laos is nothing less than an endurance test – but a beautiful, unspoiled wildlife and a sprinkling of exquisite temples should make the trip worth it. With its exciting terrain, well preserved natural ecosystems and numerous waterways, Laos is now emerging as a premier outdoor adventure destination in this part of Asia.

About Laos

Laos is a landlocked country covering 236,800 square kilometers, approximately the same size as Ecuador or Great Britain. It comprises mostly mountains and plateaus. The Mekong River flows through western and southern regions and forms a natural border with Laos and Myanmar. On its banks nestle most of Laos' important cities, such as the capital Vientiane and the former royal capital, Luang Prabang.

Rugged mountains cover more than 75 percent of the country. The vegetation is diverse and rich comprising tropical and subtropical species, from mango and palms to Hardwoods. About half the country is still covered with primary forests.
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Recommended Tours
Northern Laos
Luang Prabang Tours
    LUANG PRABANG - World Heritage Site
    Boasts both traditional Laos and colonial architecture with charming results that make exploring and touring the city an absolute delight.
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Vientiane Tour
    VIENTIANE - The capital and largest city of Laos
    Compared to the hectic, bustling capitals in other Southeast Asia countries, Vientiane's deliciously relaxing atmosphere makes it feel like the small town it is.
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Southern Laos
Pakse Tours
    PAKSE - The Gateway to Southern Laos
    Pakse is a city in the Champasak province of Southern Laos. It's one of the biggest towns in Laos and a major transportation hub for southern Laos.
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