Solo Travel

For any wanderlust who feel like adventure or relaxation while other friends and families are not up for keeping the company, a solo trip to explore the exotic Thailand will surely give you another angle to look at and to enjoy.

With the services provided by Oriental Escape, customer does not need to worry about any matter that the lone traveler might have to. We have experienced and honest driver to take you to any of your customized places at your customized time. You will receive the safest service and the smoothest ride. And at any tour sites, our tour guides were not only trained to give you the information of the places in deep detail, but also they will be your friend who will fulfill the amusement to your trip and to perish the loneliness away. Our delicate tour guides can also be your consultant during the trip, with lots and lots of suggestions to the spotlights that gaining the popularity just recently. It can be one of the best street food or the stylish hi-end restaurant. With us, you will able to find good local spa that valued the money and the best shopping venue.

Visit us, and visit Thailand. Being alone will never be the same boring day anymore, when all the faces you will meet, will be the face of the friends with the helping hands.