Company Profile

After a decade of experience in tourism industry within Thailand and neighboring countries, Oriental Escape’s founder, owner and current managing director have established the company in 2005. It was one example of a one-man company where the founder was responsible for the whole operating process and the back-office paper works. Oriental Escape's office then is not more or less a home office where the MD and the co-founder operated themselves on all chords and tasks. This enabled them to experience and understand the whole process and all functions of the company.

The main reason for the founder to establish the new business is the way he saw to urge for the local business to cope with the changing world. The customers’ behaviors of vacation planning were shifting to the new paradigm at that time, which was from booking through travel agents to booking directly with the operators in each country they were planning to visit. The website and web-based reservation platform came to play a vital part and Oriental Escape was established on that basis. The online booking channel drew customers from all over the world and all of them were treated equally. The company is getting firm and more stable in financial term over time and that made the investment possible. These investments drew more companions and peers, who the founder know from the previous travel experience. They came to join the company as the confident in the backroom was getting higher every time passed. This created a greater volume and variant of services. The brought the company and its website to the higher rank and it became the dominant force of Thailand domestic travel agencies nowadays.

Mission statement from MD
Our managing director and the company’s founder had a simple mission statement in his mind on the establishing of Oriental Escape, yet it took him full efforts and attentions to accomplished. It was to provide the seamless travel services for Thailand visitors to experience the best things this country has to offer while supporting the local business for the beneficial aspects of all parties associated with our company. Thailand is known and recognized throughout the world for its appealing beauty and friendly people, but there were still some barriers that make it not-as-easy to travel and visit such as language and transportation modes. These difficulties make any visit less pleasant and Oriental Escape were here to basically make the tourist’s travel easier and simpler. It was to ensure that Thailand’s best part will be securely kept in the memory of our clients. It was to ensure that their time in Thailand will be pure, enjoyable and easy. It was to ensure that the difficult and fuzzy parts of traveling were well taken care of in a well-organized manner. Oriental Escape were all in and up to it.
The core mission that made our company stands strong till today is simple and still remain intact. Its value has never changed by changing time. Thailand is a happy destination for both residents and visitors alike and our company is here to ensure that this fact will still be served. Our clients will have their trips well-planned, their hotels well-booked, and their tours well-arranged in the shortest time thought the trusted and well-recognized company.

The philosophy behind our driving force is happiness, the most basic principle of life, yet many people still striving to achieve. Happiness, in this case, is aimed to be with everyone associated with the business. Not only the clients who basically paid for the service but also for those who do not. For those who just ask for information and for those who consult us for his/her trip. Happiness is also aimed to be with the working team, business partner, and also local startups/operators. Such philosophy applies in many aspects of our working schemes. Favor or not, one has to admit that activities in this word are driven by benefit, and we understand it accordingly in with our tender mind. To get something exceptionally good, exceptionally great amount of value must be applied in exchange. We keep our benefit to the lowest operating possibility so the dividend will go to concern parties at a respectable amount. Our back office staffs, tour guides, drivers, and business partners are rewarded with just and fair payment. This is for us to be able to hire the best team to serve our client. The team that is happy and willing to work at their best caliber.
Since we are paying the just-and-fair wage to our staff and team member, keeping company’s profit to the lowest optimal level, we are able to hire one of the best staff who is most expertise in their field. They are knowledgeable, they have service minded and they are experienced. Comparing to the companies that make more profit, these people are far more happy to work for us as they receive the higher wage, so they will be more into the work and assignment without any distractions. The distractions, in this case, is finding a way to top-up their payroll which will result in forced stops and shopping, or anything else that will deprive our clients’ happiness away. It is the guaranteed that our experts will not engage themselves in these practices.
At the bottom line, our philosophy is to make everyone happy. Our cost-effective policy is making all these happening and there will be no change to it. We will keep the pace and will maintain the business size. We will not let over-size determination ruin what we have built. We will maintain this level of meticulous by our staffs to our clients as we are happy with how things are going, so like most of our clients. We are proud to be a small part of something that drives this country forward. Your happiness is driving this country forward and we are here to ensure that it will happen.

Scope of works
In travel and tourism industry, there are various kinds of products and services that are playing an integral part. Oriental Escape finds what is best and most cost effective for its clients so visitors can purchase many products and services related to their travel through the company. The services we are offering here are package tours, one-day excursions, land transfers, and discounted tickets/vouchers.
Visiting one unfamiliar country, once have to engage his/herself into lengthy research through reviews and searches. Yet it cannot guarantee the smooth and serene trip of a lifetime. Oriental Escape then takes this difficult past into our hands and comes up with the full-designed yet fully-customized tour packages for our clients. All tour packages were well researched and inspected to ensure that our clients will be accommodated at the nicest applicable hotels and be entertained in the smooth trip and tours we are offering.
Collected to create tour packages are the various one-day excursions that our clients have a choice to purchase them individually. Our one-day tour programs, so-called sightseeing tours, are based on the location of the tour and there are numerous programs to choose for each location. In a sightseeing tour, provided to our clients are licensed tour guide, experienced driver and transport, meals and all applicable fees such as entrance and tickets.
From time to time, and getting more frequent over time, our clients ask for not only the tour but they expect us to be one-stop service. Hence, with the resource we already have in hand, Oriental Escape provides transfer service within Thailand with many choices and ranges of vehicles to choose from. It does not matter whether our clients need smaller or bigger car, luxury or budget ones. All our vehicle are registered to operate travel business as well as all our driver who are all registered. We care for every aspect of our service.
To top-up the tours we are offering, tickets to shows, places, or dinners also available at a discounted rate. As we are all long here in the industry, we have high qualities and trusted partners and suppliers whom we act as a whole seller agent for. Our clients then eligible to purchase these tickets and vouchers via our website at a much lower rate than the market rate.
Every services and product Oriental Escape has to offer to the clients can be purchase via our web-based booking systems where many payment methods are available. Also, the availability and confirmation can be done on a timely basis because of the well-programed system we are using. All these are designed to make lives easier, to the clients and staffs alike, to live up our philosophy and the mission statements as mentioned.

The framework of any industry is generally mass and vague and the travel industry has no exception. As a small boutique company, Oriental Escape provides many services and products as the company could but it never goes beyond the area of its expertise. Reputation is built in the hardest way so we do not risk doing what we are not certain. This brings the fact that we only hire the experts in their fields to serve our clients with major and minor details we have put in every single service.
As a tour operator and travel agency, one most outstanding representative of the company could be no one else but the tour guide. They are the company’s battle front, the brand ambassador, and most importantly, the friends of our tourist clients. Our tour guides are then all licensed and registered by the Travel Authority of Thailand (TAT). They are providing clients with the most accurate information in a good English or any preferable languages. They are service minded, knowledgeable and experienced, accustomed and aware of the differences in cultures and religions. He or she will be a symbol of the trustworthy of the company ours are willing to go for extra miles for that.
While traveling, the most concern aspect usually is the “safe” of the place and the journey. More specifically, people are worried about the road trip as it is the point that can create the fuzz the most. Unlike air, sea, or rail traveling, the road trip has a higher risk of reckless driving behaviors and the unfamiliarity of the route by the driver. Oriental Escape solves these problems by hiring only the experienced drivers who were tested and trained individually by the training department of the company. They meet the international standard as a driver. The standard operating procedure (SOP) to be conducted is to study the route so the lost and the risk of time wasting is not an option. To ensure their safety and driving manner, we also install GPS in every single vehicle which record can be checked when needed. Worry free and happy trip is our prime mission. Not only the front line that is willing to go beyond the line for our customer, our delegated back office staff and booking system also in place expedite to ease of communication with the clients. Language is the barrier in Thailand and we are all here to eliminate it. Clients and book for services in a swift manner via our website, no matter it is a programmed or customized trip. We have our travel consultant to answer the queries and customized trip during the office hours and a 24-hour hotline number for any more urgent matters. The customer can be assured that everything will go as planned in the trip as we all opt to make it happen for them.

Having moved in 2017 from the original home office since 2005 and rental space in the private building since 2010, the current and permanent location of Oriental Escape (Thailand) head office is now at 70 Borommaratchachonnani Road, Chim Phli, Taling Chan, Bangkok, Thailand 10170. It is one-story building painted in dark gray as it is the company logo’s color. It shares the area with a respectable garage where all vehicle is periodically well maintained by technical personnel as scheduled. The outdoor area is spacious and can accommodate up to 10 visitors vehicles. The indoor comprises of a reception area, relaxing lounge and 3-room working space. With close proximity to the city center, our office is now more reachable than ever. Even start from only a one-man company, the current working compound houses 7 office staffs who are responsible for the bookings system, sales and marketing, customized trip and vacation consulting, accounting, and managing director. The movement of the staff reflects the low turnover rate as we are working as friends and as a family. The resignation is rare and, when it happens, such ex-staff still comes back to visit regularly. We are the close notch and we firmly work and solve any problems in as one team. Our outfield staffs are in the huge team to be able to handle various services and products we are offering, but they were all carefully selected and the size is never getting too large for the management to handle. Oriental Escape has 12 licensed tour guides and 30+ driver registered under its names with the fleet of 28 tourism-eligible cars and coaches. All services, products, and personnel are law-abiding so it will be safe and easily referred to. Team up with the back office staff, even as a small boutique enterprise, we are the force to be reckoned with in travel industry in the region.

Oriental Escape reputation is in a respectable and acceptable level on a regional scale. We have won some awards from the accredited organizations and tourism governing bodies. Some most outstanding awards are the Trip Advisor - Certificate of Excellence in 2016 and World Travel Award – Thailand’s Leading Travel Agency in 2016 and 2017. There were more awards that we are the candidates and awarded runner ups but we never top the chart because we have declined their invitations to actively and financially participate in the contests so the award we have received, despite the quantity, are purely from our content and loyal clients.