Oriental Escape office is providing a friendly working environment to not only staffs, partners, and clients, but this friendly environment has extended its ranges to the world. The peacefulness within our office is derived from the office, location, and the staffs' positive attitudes and concerns about our planet.
Our company cares about the world from its foundation and the most basic things that can be seen is the office building itself. Our office was built on a cool surface near the pond so our air-conditioner does not require to work hard. The structure was built from light composite material and curtains and blindfolds are installed on every window to ensure that people inside are protected from the heat.

The office building itself located not far from the city, yet far enough to escape the traffic and pollution of the downtown. It also on the main street near the bus stop so our staff can commute effortlessly by public transportation. This reduces the need for a personal car.

Our policy and working regulations also imposed to ensure that there will be least possible trash and garbage from our operation. Out record system is paperless and based heavily on electronic information storage. Not only that we produce less paper-garbage, we also ensure that all applicable products are well collected for recycling purpose such as plastic bottles.

The concern of the other people is also another point to mention. Our staff, office and outfield alike, encouraged to share some of our fortunes to the less-lucky people in the society because we believe to create a better world to live, we cannot just take ourselves to the top, instead we need to pull some lowers up and to create an equal world where people have equal opportunities to food and education.

It is just the rough information to our office, yet we have more to share and to be learned for any visitors. Our door is always open. Come to visit, we are looking forward to seeing you here.