Musician Group in Thailand

musician group in Thailand
Overseas performance tour for musicians, staffs and students will never be a problem of a university or institution any more. We are here to care what we do best, for you to focus on what you have to focus.

There are vast majority if universities, colleges, institution and venues to perform. The requirement will then be very different. The time of the year, the involved authority and permission also the added tasks to the organizer’s tight schedule.

At Oriental Escape, we have long expertise in accommodating a musician group on tour in Thailand. We are one stop service for your band. And not only that we arrange your team accommodations, transfers, and instrument care, we also provide once-in-a-life-time tour with professional tour guides to various parts of Thailand, where your performing venue is nearby. Also activities will be provided exclusively on your customization basis.

Come and play. You will do your best on your stage and leave the off stage hassle to us. The memory is here and is ready to be bagged back home. We are up to it and ready to be part of your tours.

Music Brand in Thailand Music Brand in Thailand Music Brand in Thailand Music Brand in Thailand