Family Trip & Small Group Tour

Family and customer in smaller group deserves the most amusing experience. Oriental Escape organizes tour with the best care just like the customer is its very own family. We emphasize on your private travel and pick the attractions where you can easily control your budget. We are an experienced tour operator and confident to be a operator of choice in this region. We are more than ready to provide you the best care, regardless you are in small group of colleges, friends or families who share the same interest of travelling in private and eager to be able to choose and adjust travel date / time to fit the need of all.

For group with children, their childhood is once in a life time and it is the time for them to live and learn to the max so they will grown up with experience. We have selected the tour guide that suite for family care taking especially for you. He or she will be fun loving, but patient and calm with the children at the same time. The safety of all group members is our priority. All driver are well selected and trained. They are cautious and expertise in directions and route. The vehicle was speed limited by satellite watch. Maximum comfort is ensured, including the baby car seat. Full entertainment system are also provided in specific vehicle which will entertain your children and group with children’s appropriate programs.