All tickets for Expressway included

At the present day, not only Bangkok that see sharp increase in number of vehicle owner, but the same pattern also happen to many cities around the nation. To overcome that, all our transfer service will take you on the express and motor way, which no additional cost of the toll fee as they were included in the package.

It is undoubtable that local taxi and smaller land service provider may have lower rates than Oriental Escape but it is indeed that the cost of the express way and motor way are not all-inclusive. Many visitors and, more extremely, local commuter find it frustrated to be stranded and waste time on the ordinary road with Thai traffic. In contrary, if one choose to travel on the un-linked express and motor ways, he are she will still find it troublesome to keep opening and using the unfamiliar local currency for many times and occasions till it consume most of the precious time to rest it to spend with loved ones. We also experience the continuous increase in the toll fees to and from Bangkok suburbs. So when combined these cost together, you may ended up with paying nothing more than those illegitimate providers.