Complimentary Thailand transportation service for charity & social services

With the changing world, ages, and technology, business nowadays has reshaped itself into a new form. This paradigm shift also takes place, besides business, in many other vital aspects of any individual lives such as learning and well-being. But the fact that keep this county behind, in terms of GDP and education, is never fade away. They are a negligence by the middle-upper class citizen and an inequality in the welfare system.

When it comes to poverty, academic, pollution and health issues of those “have NOTs”, most city fellows tend to turn the blind eyes on and living every seconds to ensure that these struggles in lives will never be their guests. At the mean time some people, more pro-active ones, realize that overall standard of human lives and nature deserved a higher-height for everyone’s sake and the accomplishment couldn’t be invited by keeping the inconvenient truths at the back yard. So the world see it, for many years back and for many years to come, that Thailand and its generous people are no.1 spender in terms of donation and social services.

As Oriental Escape an international community to travelers, we are proud to be a part of this giving and social development. Moreover, we are urging any parties or organizations to follow the trend to making a better society, closely to the panacea, to all. The portion of any revenues of our company are being kept and spared for an active social and charity service. With the potential and expertise we have, together with the recognition from the travel community, we glad to announce the complimentary transport services to any activities that are taking place in the name of good-will that aim to create a better society live in.

Please contact our delegated team who is willing and more than welcome you to let us be an essential player to make your charity/social service trip happen. We will take it professionally, still friendly and meticulous. No matter it is; a meditation at sacred temples, visiting an government or private orphanage, wild-life keeping, rain-forest plantation, rural-school’s facilities upgrade, or even animal protect and rescue. We are ready and we will.