Complimentary Thailand travel-service to Professional travel bloggers & reviewers

The advancement in technology brings people closer, makes the world a smaller planet, and changes the pattern of traveling like forever. Travel destinations are closer than ever, even as close as one’s palm, and people tends to travel to some distance digitally even before the physical travel commenced. With the resources Thailand has to offer, it fell into the same category as other destinations, where potential traveler see it through blogs/reviews before making a real visit. And, with hi-tech device, this channel is getting more and more strong, vivid, sensual and even touchable. Oriental Escape humbly feel sincerely gratitude to those people behind, to those people who bring and present this lovely country to as international community, to you, travel bloggers and reviewer.

Unlike what it is known, the amazing and unseen parts of Thailand were much promoted but less likely to be recognized until the table turned. The turn that actively made by bloggers and reviewers which brings beautiful part of this peninsular into the hands of world’s tourist. We, as an organization that benefit from this scheme, directly and indirectly, are willing to keep the trend whilst actively promote it.

We are then hereby, and gladly, offering complimentary tour service to you bloggers and reviewers. We are willing to exchange services and we cannot deny, also cannot agree more that, this kind of collaboration make a move to the business, locally and internationally. Being a blogger/reviewer, your perspective of the destination and the travelling is indeed different and our tour will be offered in the corresponding manner. It will be customized according to your requirements in order to ensure that you will see what you want to see and what you have to see.

Our team are waiting for your precious visit. Together with the attractions of this smile-nation, we will provide you some moments to be remembered and worth being on your respective blogs and reviews. Please let us know your itinerary and you can leave all arrangement to our team. We will add another page of your blog/review with some smirks on your face whilst reading/writing the article about Thailand.