Social Contributions

Oriental Escape’s founder has a simple idea in his mind, like what was stated in the company’s mission statement and philosophy, is to generate happiness to the people associated whit out firm. The direct parties, in this case, is the working team and the clients. Anyway lining in this beautiful country of the Thailand, there are more people associated with us, either this who have and who have not, in terms of opportunities and well-being. Oriental Escape then occasionally devotes and return some of the revenue from our clients to charity to create an equal society to all.

Children today is a future of the country. Yet still many of them do not have that chance to prove the worth of themselves. The government running orphanage houses can be found in Bangkok and they are taking care of many hopes. We see and support this importance that is why the most portion of the company’s charity budget goes for their lunch and academic books. All of our clients are having a part in creating an equal society to this loving nation.

Thai people have much mercies and sympathies towards animals, which is why stray dogs and cats can be seen all over. The authority normally does not get rid of or control the unattended animals so they cause troubles to the local, and many times, to themselves. There are places where the NGO set up to keep the unattended animals or the sick/injured ones. By the not-so-lovely looks, they are unlike to find a new home and such places are getting bigger need more fund. Oriental Escape and all its staff find many good times among these fellow beings where donations are made for their foods and medicals. The tourism without awareness somehow affects the environment, both in the sea and on the land, both to man and animal. The environment is a too-big issue for an individual. But to make the situation better, it needs the collective of individuals. Oriental Escape finds the best possible way to pay back what nature gives to this country which is forestation. We support and urge all our staffs to the eco-tour and do a forestation at state’s assigned site. Our office also imposes a strict policy of paperless working procedure as well as the recycling of the used papers. We are saving lives of the trees for the lives of our next generation.

Oriental Escape is taking the charity scheme serious and even go for another step as we see that it is important to put this awareness to other people as well. With the resource we have, we even provide complimentary transfer and excursion to those who declare their wish to the company of their needs of the rides for any charitable purposes. Someone has this awareness of charity but are not able to fund themselves for it, so, with some efforts and funds, we glad to make it happen. As been repeating all the time, our real happiness is the happiness of the people of the society we are in.

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